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Solavei Pays You for Sharing Your Phone Service

While part of the population is willing to camp out on the street in order to get their hands on the newest iPhone, other folks are struggling to pay their monthly mobile bill. For many people, the mobile phone has replaced their home phone so it’s their only connection to work, school and family.

Enter Solavei, the mobile network that not only offers a great deal, they offer cash back, too. We’re not talking $10 rebates here, we’re talking about recurring monthly income of up to (wait for it. . . . ) $20,000 a month!?

Solavei’s income option is based on the pyramid style affiliate program that used to generate millions of dollars back when the web was wild. Quite simply, I get a bonus for every person who signs up for phone service under me, and I get a smaller bonus for everyone who signs up under my friends. What makes this intriguing is the emphasis on social sharing.

Solavei’s whole marketing plan is based around social word of mouth. They provide easy sharing tools for Facebook and Twitter and they have a mobile app so you can sign your co-worker up over lunch. They also offer the more traditional tools such as business cards and logo merchandise, it’s Avon, but for phone service.

What’s fascinating is the way they’ve made this look so simple. For every three friends (a Trio) that sign up, you get $20. Sign up 3 sets of 3 and your monthly phone service is paid for. That’s worth it right there and for not a lot of effort if you’re a college student with a bunch of broke Facebook friends.

In order to hit that $20,000 mark, you’d have to have 2000 Trios in your network, 30 of which are in your personal circle. That’s a lot of phone plans to sell, but I guess it’s possible if you’re a super salesman.

I get that none of the individual concepts here are new, but I’ve never seen mobile handled this way and I think it’s brilliant. The company says they signed up 25,000 new users during their beta test. You have to figure that the majority of people who sign up won’t even make their first Trio, so Solavei gets their money free and clear. A few might hit the top tiers in a year, the rest will land in the $50 to $100 a month income range. For that, Solavei gets thousands of social media shares and they don’t have to pay to advertise.

Can incentive word of mouth take a bite out of ATT and Verizon’s billion dollar campaigns? We’ll wait and see.

skype:  abeeler10

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When is a Good Time for Solavei and Cellular/Wireless? Maybe Right Now?

Solavei Wireless launched in September of 2012 and interested marketers are taking a hard look at Solavei to find out whether or not the company all adds up for them.  They want to distinguish what makes Solavei Wireless different than other wireless companies as a service, but more  importantly they want to know if the Solavei Opportunity is for real. The following Solavei Wireless review is predicated on facts in the wireless industry, competitive information on the main wireless carriers in the US, and the potential or the lack thereof for Solavei wireless in the current economic climate.

Interested networkers want to know if the timing in the wireless industry is good, Solavei’s value proposition, and whether or not there is any money to be made with the Solavei Compensation Plan when it’s only $49 to enroll.

At the time of this article Solavei wireless has added over 70,000 Social Members and customers in less than 2 months time.  These are extraordinary numbers in the Network Marketing industry by any standard for a start-up, but nevertheless, there are skeptics out there that question whether Solavei Wireless is just a passing trend loaded with hype, or if Solavei actually might be the “Next Big Thing” in the Home Based Business industry.

Solavei Wireless Review – Facts on the US Wireless Industry

  • $166 Billion Dollars Spent on Cellular/Wireless in the U.S. 2011
  • Over 300 Million Subscribers in the U.S. – Approx 100 Million Subscribers for Both AT&T & Verizon Network, 55 Million for Sprint, 35 Million on T-Mobile
  • $12.9 Billion in Advertising Spent Annually by “Big 4” Wireless Carriers in the US
  • NO Growth in Post-paid Activations (Top 7 US Carriers Lost 52K Contracted Subscribers in 2011)
  • 97% Penetration Rate in US (Still a Commodity Product)
  • Pre-paid Growth – 15% Annual Growth – Walmart, Radio Shack, Best Buy, and Many Convenience Stores now Offer Wireless Phones

Solavei Wireless Review – What Makes Solavei Different?

  • Social Commerce – Low Up-Front Distributor Cost. Most Multi level marketing companies, even other Wireless Companies such as Lightyear, LifeMobile, and Vitel commonly charge $300-500 for their Start-up cost with other monthly fees added on.
  • Solavei is simply $49 to Enroll and $49 a Month for your bill! No Autoship! Solavei is looking for Consumers First, who will refer their service.  Focus is on long-term residuals vs front-end loading.
  • MVNO vs Reseller – Up Front Margins w Reseller vs Residual Long Term with Wholesale
  • GSM vs CDMA – Sprint, Verizon/CDMA vs AT&T and T-Mobile/GSM 73% GSM Globally
  • Equipment Variety and Ease of Transfer with GSM Phones (140 Million People already using GSM!)
  • Available Phones on Ebay, Craigslist, and Unlocking Capability (NO Bill Payment Issues)
  • Contacts Transfer on SIM Card Easily, Limited Down Time with Broken, Damaged, or Defective Phones
  • $49 Unlimited Rate Plan – Many Companies Offer, BUT Do they pay you for referrals?  Unlimited Data Transfer vs Limits? No Contract or Credit Check? Best Plan in the US! Only one with UNLIMITED Data with no gotchas or overage…period

Solavei Wireless Review – Timing, Compensation, and Potential

  • Solavei Officially Launched in Sept 2012
  • 100+ Million Users (AT&T, T-Mobile) can transfer to Solavei Service easily without Changing Buying Habits (ie Skin Care, Health Products)
  • Residual-Based Compensation due to increased margins with Wholesale MVNO Agreement.
  • A Focus on Customer Loyalty – Does Verizon, AT&T or the Big 4 Pay you for referrals? Very Simple, Duplicatable System to Eliminate Your Phone Bill
  • Solavei Goal to Produce a Million “Thousandaires” Extremely easy to get to $1000 per month.  60 phones, not distributors, pays you $1400 with zero duplication from a downline!  It’s the first time I can remember that you can literally sell the service to end-users, and make a good living without recruiting anyone!
  • If Solavei captures 1% US Market Share, that makes them a $1.6 Billion (With a B) Company
  • Future Services and Programs – Affiliate Programs? Global Expansion? Cable? Energy? Only time will tell

Contact the Person Who Told You About Solavei and Get Started Today
1. Select Device and Plan
2. Become a Solavei Social Member
3. Share Solavei with Your Communities
4. Earn Money

Save Money or Make Money Instantly with Solavei.  You can get started right away, and make $800 or more your first month with a little effort.

Timing is crucial when it comes to an opportunity such as Solavei!

Millions may well join Solavei (Most customers will be affiliates) within the next 2 years. How much of $166 Billion would you like to get paid on?
Visit or our team site  – Watch the “What is Solavei?” Overview Video and the “Vision” Video to Learn More

Call/Text me, Adam Beeler, at (217) 556-4485 for more details about Solavei.

I look forward to talking/working with you soon!


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Solavei Review – “The Secret” of the Solavei Compensation Plan

So what does the Solavei Compensation Plan Review Look like?

Here is what you need to know with the Solavei Review:

You get paid whenever you get a trio of people ( 3 people ) to join your personal networkSolaveI Compensation Plan

Your personal network is made up of the people you personally enroll to use the Solavei service and those that they enroll. So if you get 3 new people to use the Solavei service you have 1 trio in your personal network, and if one of those persons enrolls three then you have 2 trios in your personal network, then if you enroll three more you will have 3 trios in your personal network and so on.

You get paid $20 per month for every trio in your personal network in your Solavei Compensation Plan Review.

  • Fast Action Bonus

Solavei Compensation Plan Review

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Solavei Compensation Plan Review has a fast action bonus for your first 60 days that can range from $50 all the way to $650 depending on how many trios you get in those 60 days.

1 trio will earn you $50 bonus, and 4 trios or more will earn you $650, if you get 2 trios you get $100+, 3 will earn you $200, and 4 will make you $300 bonus cash on top of the $20 per month you get from each the trios in your personal network in Solavei Compensation Plan Review.

  • Path pay

As your personal and extended network grows you advance in rank within the company and they pay you more every month.

SolaveI Compensation PlanA Social Partner earns from 0 to $100 per month and has 1-2 trios in his personal network and 1-8 trios in his extended network. Once you have 4-6 trios in your personal network and 12-20 trios in your extended network you move up to Social Connector and when you move up from social partner to social connector you earn a $500 bonus plus $200-$1,000 per month.

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Once you have 8-12 trios in your personal Solavei Compensation Plan Review network and 100-500 trios in your extended network you are promoted to Social Networker and that will earn you a nice $2,000 bonus and a monthly pay of $2,000-$4,000 every month. Next up is Social director, once you have 14-20 trios in your personal network and 750-1250 trios in your extended network you earn a cool $5,000 bonus and $5,000-$8,000 per month. Anything above 24 trios in your personal network with 1,500 in your extended network will make you a Social Executive and will make $10,000-$20,000 per month with $10,000 and $20,000 bonuses added once you reach that level.


Solavei Compensation Plan Conclusion

Solavei Review

As you probably understand by now Solavei Compensation Plan Review can and will earn you a lot of money if you know what you’re doing. What if I told you that you could get leads and signups for your Solavei Review business online and on autopilot without ever picking up the phone? Would you be interested in that? ===> Click here for FREE to see how to get autopilot online leads for your Solavei Compensation Plan business.



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Hope this helps you and your Solavei Team.

skype:  abeeler10

Solavei Compensation Plan Review

Solavei Comp Plan Review

Solavei Review

The Solavei Spanish Speaking Community is Growing Everyday! Read About it Here.

If you speak Spanish and looking to join Solavei, this page was made specifically with you in mind.  The Spanish speaking community is of great importance to the Solavei Wireless opportunity.  With the launch of Solavei in Puerto Rico, and the ability for Solavei to expand into Mexico in the near future, the Spanish speaking population will be connecting at a rapid rate to share the Solavei vision.

We wanted to make a page that enabled you to see the tools and videos that Solavei has put together for you, and connect you with Spanish speaking leaders from within our team.  Solavei is not about one or two people making money on signing people up.  Instead, my vision is to connect people in communities throughout the country where possible, and work with those leaders from within our organization to help their businesses grow.

This Solavei Espanol page is a great example of just that.  My name is Senor Adam :)and I don’t speak Spanish.  However, I have several members of my team that do.

Solavei Espanol Leaders

It’s also important to note that anyone listed on our site as a Leader is someone that is actively working the business.  This is CRITICAL when you are considering joining Solavei, as the Solavei Social Commerce business model encourages teamwork first, and helping others be successful.  TrioDistributors and our Solavei Espanol team fully embrace this idealogy!

Here are our current Solavei Espanol leaders that have qualified by having at least 2 Trios in their Solavei organization, which means they can help you build your team as you begin to build your Solavei Business.  Success leaves clues.  Follow their lead, and you too will experience success by working with proven team builders.

Hector – Solavei Espanol Leader in Orlando, FL

Marcos – Solavei Espanol Leader in Miami, FL

Solavei Espanol Videos

What is Solavei? Video en Espanol  6 minute Solavei Overview Video

More Information on Solavei en Espanol coming very soon.  Stay tuned and bookmark our site for updates.

Ready to Join Solavei?  Click Here and Get started today!

Solavei Espanol

Solavei Espanol

Solavei Espanol


How to Make Extra Xmas Money from Home NOW!!!

How to Make Money Online from Home

make Christmas money,make money from home

Start Making Christmas Money Now! Start Your Own Successful Online Business for $49

Making money online from home can be very rewarding both financially, and from a sense of time freedom.  The challenge however, is wading through the mountain of information on the subject of making money online from home, and putting a good action plan together that will get results.  In this article I will give you 4 Critical Components to consider when starting your own business utilizing the internet. I will also share a strategy I’m getting great results on at the end if you’re looking to make $1000 a month from home, and don’t have a “vehicle”.

It takes time to make money online in a traditional blog because you have to establish your brand and identity in order to get consistent traffic, which hopefully will create leads, that hopefully will convert to sales.  Blogging to make money online with your “own brand” is a process…make no mistake about it and don’t believe the hype you hear about making money overnight.  It very, very seldom happens as it is described by the “Gurus”.

The strategy with blogging or Attraction Marketing is to give a lot of value added content to attract the viewer, answer some questions they may have, or help provide solutions to common problems.  I’ve tried my best to do just that on my own blog.

The challenge however, or my latest ah-ha moment is that many people simply don’t have a “Platform”.  They are looking for answers when they don’t know the answer they need (It’s not their fault btw) because they don’t even know where to begin. When I first started, I had no clue what my “Platform” was either so don’t feel like the Lone Ranger.

Many people I talk to want to start a blog or home business, but they don’t know what to blog about or what business should they join…

Quite frankly, I think people are desperately searching for some kind of direction and that is totally OK!  I get it.  When I started I too was looking for some kind of clear direction, and I had to go through a few products to find something that actually converted well, learn how to market myself,  and finally that led to making money online that actually amounted to something.  Starving early is reality for most people trying to make money from home.  Unless you have a plan…

These 4 Key Components are Critical to include in your thought process if you  truly want to make money online from home or from a Good MLM company.  Having these in place WILL give you a better than average chance to do so, and you can start earning immediately.

  1. A Platform – I’ve said Platform 4 times now so by now I hope it drives home the importance of having a clear message to your viewers.  Your blog should focus on a central theme for your viewers.  Discover your Passion or something you enjoy doing…and do THAT!
  2. A Good Marketing Strategy – Choosing a good domain early on when building a website is so critical and this is where people miss the mark.  They give it 10 minutes of thought (which CAN work) but doing a little brainstorming on how you want to position your brand both early on for quick sales, and long term as you establish credibility across the US or even globally.  Think “small” early to Grow BIG later!  Target your local market or statewide first.  Go sign up for Four Square, Yelp, Yellow Book, Google Plus, and other local business directories asap even if you have health and wellness products through a Network Marketing business.  Target smaller long-tail keywords too, not global search terms. You can’t compete yet with a skilled marketer unless its video.  Swim in a “smaller pool” early on
  3. A Product with Mass Appeal –  I’ve taught Spin Selling strategies for years, and Attraction Marketing or Consulting is a long term “gathering” sales  process versus impulse decisions or “No-brainer” purchases such as buying batteries or gum walking through a check out aisle.  If you’re marketing Health and Wellness, this too can be a reactive decision, but so can services people use everyday.  If you need money now, focus on marketing products that SELL FAST on emotion or common sense decisions.   Focus on helping people lose weight, get healthy, look better, travel more, or you can market common services that people use everyday if they save people money or make them money.
  4. A Well Designed Website that Converts Well and Keeps Viewers Attention – I’m always tinkering with my website trying to get it to look good, convert better, and make my viewers experience a positive one. Learning this can be overwhelming if you don’t know web design or web tools. Think of what you want to market and head over to oDesk, Elance, or even Fiverr to get someone to build you a nice website that converts well.  Hire them to make your “Shell” and then you can go to work putting awesome content up that will attract viewers.  You have .7 seconds to make a good first impression, and your viewer will leave if your site looks bad.  Having a good site design will pay huge dividends later, and it can be done for $100-300 in many cases.

So if you already have a Platform in mind, have profitable, mass appeal product to sell simply incorporate these 4 tips to get started building a solid business and start making money from home.  I wish you all the best!

However, if you’re still searching for the elusive answers of how you can make money from home, don’t want to solely rely on building a down-line or typical MLM opportunities continue reading please…

I’ve stumbled upon something recently that gives me the ability to help a TON of people if they are open to receiving learning a few key concepts, and willing to repeat them consistently.   You don’t have to recruit anyone to make money as you make money selling the service. ( A rarity in our industry)

Here’s what has happened for me and my team just the past two days after only 5 weeks of the company being launched!

Monday I had 15 people join my primary business.  Yesterday I added 18 more.  My team is getting duplication.  Every single person that is trying, 100% of them, are making money with the product we’re marketing.  They have FREE customizable, lead capturing websites that can be up and running in 10 Minutes, a rock solid Platform to run with and making money online within a week with the right strategies.  Personally, I’ve never seen growth like this, with any company.

If you don’t have a clue what to do, where to start, what to blog on, or want to reinvent the wheel I understand.  You’re not the exception, you’re the Rule!  Fortunately, I have 20 years experience with the industry/services I’m now marketing full-time and the company but the good news is you don’t have to have experience. The product we’re marketing allows you to start for $49.  Yes…that’s it…$49.

Here’s what our company offers, and what you will get from me IF you are coach-able, willing to put in the effort, and are a positive minded person that is a pleasure to work with.

  1. A Solid Platform – $200 Billion US Industry, 300+ million US consumers that use the product, and an ocean of content ideas to make videos on and write articles for your own unique blog.
  2. A Proven Marketing Strategy that Works – Myself, and our team will help you develop a good plan to market online, as well as utilize proven offline marketing strategies based on relationship marketing.   Step by step training included on how to market part-time to Businesses or Consumers without depending on recruiting or down-line overrides.  We will help you select a domain that gives you the ability to get traffic immediately, target your local market first, and expand from there if you decide to build more aggressively.
  3. A Profitable Product with Mass Appeal – This product sells very well, and most people don’t like their current company they use for it.  EASY to make $1000 a month residual income within 90 days with any kind of effort.  The company pays better than traditional companies in the industry (I know) and it Saves 95% of people money for the same services they already use.
  4. A Customizable, Highly Converting WordPress Blog that is Ready to Use – Did I mention they’re free?  They look great, they are designed to convert, they send a clear message of the opportunity, and they give you an opt-in for your viewers to get in touch with you.  In short, it’s a Pre-made WordPress theme with a very popular platform for all types of consumers.  We’ll even help you get it installed and train you to start immediately!

Go Here To See an Example of the Customizable Website given to you.  Pretty Impressive for Free and 5 minutes of work!

If you’re ready to start dreaming again, make some substantial income for you and your family just in time for Christmas, it’s my pleasure to tell you that I’ve got a good all-inclusive solution to share with you.  No BS, no hype, period.  Contact me today for more details at (217) 556-4485 or Email me via my contact form with any questions you may have.

If you enjoyed this article, please leave a comment or share it with your network if you think it will add some value.  Make it a great day!


Make Money Online from Home

Make Money Online from Home

Make Money Online from Home

Why Pathway Pay May be Your Pathway to Something GREAT!


I really must admit, it took me a while to really dig my heels in and understand the Solavei compensation plan. Now that I understand it I’ve come to one conclusion: Pathway Pay is the most important way to get paid. Here’s why:
I’m going to use an scenario that is near and dear to my heart. I have been really focused on marketing Solavei for about two weeks. In that two weeks, I have enrolled five people, so I am averaging 2.5 people per week.

If I can average 2.5 people per month for 6 months or 26 weeks that would be 63 people (Every 3 People recruited=1 trio) or 21 trios. Let’s say 1/3 of those people recruit 1 trio each, that would give me an additional 7  trios for a total of 28 trios in my personal network. Which would be $560 per month in trio pay.
Let’s go just one step further. Imagine if the last set of 7 trios got a hot streak and they all recruited a total of 28 trios spread out over 7 people or 4 trios each.
Now my total extended network is 56 trios in 6 months. Here’s what that looks like:
1. FAB Bonus- $650
2. Trio pay- $560 every month
3. Pathway bonuses- $500
4. Monthly pathway-$1000 every month

So now I am making $1560/mo in passive income after 6 mos.


Let’s say I keep expanding my personal network growing at 2.5 people recruited per week for a year.

After a year, I have 43 trios I have personally recruited. Let’s say out of those 130 people I have personally signed up only 40 of them recruit 1 trio each now I have 83 trios in my personal network. Giving me trio pay of $1660/mo in trio pay. Let’s take just one step further let’s say the next group of 130 people, well, they are really good. 40 of their people each recruit 2 trios each for a total of 80 additional trios. 83 trios in my personal network plus 80 in my extended network gives me a total of 163 trios in my total network.
Here’s the breakdown after 1 year: 
1.FAB BONUS= $650
2. Trio Pay-$1660 Every Month
3.Plus pathway bonuses of $2500
4.Monthly Pathway Pay- $2,000
After 1 year I am now making $3660/mo in residual income. Recruiting 2.5 people per week. Keeping at my current level you can only imagine how my network would grow year after year.
What would you do with that extra-money? Would you take a vacation? Would you fund your kids college? Work less, play golf more? Save more. Pay off debt. Buy that house that you always thought was out of reach.
I’d love to show you how I recruit 2.5 people a week with pretty much no out of pocket investment. It’s a great time to get started with Solavei because, right now, Solavei is waiving the 1st month or service for new members and also giving free SIM cards for those members who bring their own phones. To ENROLL WITH SOLAVEI CLICK HERE. To learn more about Solavei CLICK HERE.

Disclaimer: This is not a promise or projection of profits, simply, my goals. Your success will largely depend on your effort.

Joining Solavei Just Got A Lot Easier and A Lot Cheaper!

New Solavei Wireless Promotion – Save $80 Now, Hundreds Annually

Looking to join Solavei? Solavei just rolled out a new promotion and I wanted to let you know about it.  Right now you can join Solavei, get a free SIM Card with your activation, and get your 1st Month of Solavei wireless service for free!  You can even get your 2nd month for free by referring 3 people over to the service as well.

That makes joining Solavei a whopping $49!  Think about it…you start saving money on Solavei’s Nationwide 4G network powered by T-Mobile and AT&T which could save you hundreds a year, and all you pay is your Social Member fee.  No autoships, no added distributor costs to start a part-time business, and you can eliminate your phone bill by sharing this same great price and service to others.

Even if you are in another company, doesn’t it make just plain sense to save money on your wireless phone bill?

One more announcement I’d like to share is that I’m looking for leaders right now, and I’m going to help them build a successful home based business.  I’ve made a commitment that I won’t personally sponsor anyone for a while and solely help my team.  I had one of those ah-ha moments this weekend, and realized the Solavei compensation plan is built around teamwork.  It makes more sense to help my teammates get commissions than it does for me to personally enroll anyone.

If you’ve been in Direct Selling before, you always had hopes that your up-line or team would help you if you actually tried to build the business right?  Me too… Reality is however that most MLM companies focus on recruit, recruit, recruit, and give more incentives on front line growth.  Once I figured out the Solavei compensation plan, I got excited that I can FINALLY help people that are actually trying to help themselves.  Very very refreshing approach to marketing, and it doesn’t cost $500-1000 to get started.

Solavei focuses on Trios, groups of 3 to get paid, and they highlight who needs “One More” to complete a Trio.  Our team will focus on helping those that need it get that “one more” person.  Then they get paid, get excited, and REAL money is made in a company when a lot of people make a little bit of money.

Contact me today for more details.  You can call or text at (217) 556-4485 or email me.  Visit to enroll and don’t wait.  Waiting to Join Solavei could literally cost you thousands of dollars a year if you miss the opportunity to lay a solid foundation with this company.  Start saving, start earning with Solavei today!


What Popular Smart Phones Work on Solavei?

What Popular Smart phones Work on Solavei?

The Solavei Bring Your Own Phone Program is one of the strong points of the program. The ability to take your existing equipment from your old carrier to Solavei is AWESOME! Here is a chart that will give you an idea which of the most popular devices are available. Scroll down to the bottom and be sure to read the additional information about each device at the bottom.

What Popular Smart Phones Work on Solavei?


N/O= Not Offered

All unlocked iPhones will work at 4g HSPA+ speed (in select areas). To Find out more where HSPA+ is available visit In an interesting twist the iPhone 5 from Verizon ships unlocked so it will work out of the box if you put a Solavei SIM card in it. If you are not in an area where T-mobile has re-farmed it’s network to the 1900mhz band both the iPhone and the Siii will recieve EDGE speed (120 Kbps).

As always we’d love to have you join the iConvertwireless Solavei team. Here’s our direct signup link

Talk to you soon!


Are you interested in hearing the skinny about Solavei? Is it really worth it?

More About Solavei

What exactly is Solavei?

Solavei is the industry’s first social commerce company, and has partnered with industry leader, T-mobile, to provide a nationwide 4G unlimited talk, text, and data cell phone plan -at the low cost of $49 per month. Solavei headquarters are located in Bellevue, Washington.

How does Solavei work?

Solavei relies on its customers for advertising – it’s all word of mouth. So instead of paying Madison Avenue, Solavei pays its customers! Solavei compensates each Member that refers family and friends.

Is there a contract?

Nope! Starting in late August and September, Solavei offers a no contract cell phone plan with Unlimited Talk, Text, and 4G Data for $49 per month. You can discontinue service at any time.

And what about customer service?
All customer service inquiries will be handled by Solavei’s own Service Center that will be located in Salt Lake City, Utah. No outsourcing calls to other countries!

Where can I sign up?
Solavei officially launched on September 21 and is offered to everyone!  You must be invited by a Member.  So you can Click Here to sign-up or on the link below.

Why do I need an invite?
Solavei is 100% customer referral.  If you want to get in now so that you can begin to spread the word and send invites of your own, you must do so  – via an invite!

What’s the big deal?  Why would I do this?
First off, to save significant money on your cell bill.  Next, maybe you’d like to refer a few friends and get your cell bill PAID.  Beyond that, maybe you’d like an income generating opportunity and would like to go about referring folks in a more directed, purposeful way.  It’s all up to you!  Snag your Solavei sign-up Here or on the link below.

Which Phones Are Available?

Any unlocked GSM phone can be used or take a special offer on Solavei Phones: The HTC One S, HTC Wildfire & ZTE Origin. Nifty Choices for Members

Solavei has got to be the coolest company ever giving Members three smart phone choices, along with the Bring Your Own Phone option.  Click Here for BYOP

Option 1 is the HTC One S at a price of $529.  Yes, it’s an expensive phone, but it’s also a beaut.  Here’s a link to the specs and reviews:

Option 2 is the HTC Wildfire at a price of $249.  Here’s a link to the specs and reviews.

Option 3 is the ZTE Origin at a price of $159.

As I understand it, the Origin is a totally new phone and I *think* it will be only available to Solavei members.  Here are the specs for that since they are impossible to find elsewhere!  For those that care about aesthetics, the back of the phone is covered a very attractive midnight blue metallic – it’s very dark, not overtly blue.  Looks NICE.

Is this a Net Work Marketing Scheme?

While this may appear to some as a pyramid or MLM scheme it is not.  While it has some resemblances of an MLM in that Solavei is relying on person to person advertising instead of traditional advertising there are clear differences.  Most MLM companies want you to purchase vitamins, some drink or candles…there is always something you have to buy each month in order to keep going.  Solavei isn’t requiring its member to buy any products….simply allowing them to save money on cell phone service.  The best way to look at it is how similar it is to Groupon or Living Social.  These are also member based companies which offer deep discount to those that sign up.  Once you purchase a product or service from Groupon or Living Social then you have the ability to share your find to your friends on Facebook.  If you do a good job at telling people about your purchase you can be rewarded with receiving your purchase for free.  This is what Solavei is doing…driving down the price of cellular service for its members and rewarding them for telling friends.

So what you waiting for?  You can’t lose!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give me a call, text or email.  I’ll talk to you soon!


Is Craiglist for Spammers and Scammers or Laying Down the Hammer? Building Solavei with Craigslist


hammer down [ham-er doun] – verb 1. To accelerate to a greater and faster speed. 2. To take it to the next level without fear. 3. To never look back at the competition left in the dust behind you

I hope you don’t mind, but I sent my team a training on how to market on Craigslist for a technology-based company, but as I wrote it I thought everyone could benefit from this training.  Depending on your product/service, companies can literally be built by using Craigslist.  I’ve seen it happen with moving companies, cleaning services, and many more, but the Direct Selling industry has it’s place on Craigslist too. I hope you enjoy the training!

Craigslist is an excellent way to get inbound leads if you do it the right way when it comes to marketing within their ad space.  However, Craigslist does NOT like Direct Selling for the most part, so Amway, Skin Care companies offering jobs, etc is usually a big no no for them.  Solavei however is a service that I market as exactly that, so it seems as though Craigslist is Ok with Social Members marketing wireless plans under the “Cell Phones for Sale” Category.

You are one person, and you alone can get a few leads if you follow this system I’m about to teach you.  If you have a team working with you, magnify your efforts by however many people you have on your team.  You know the saying and its true…Give a Man a Fish and You feed him for a day.  Teach him to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

In our profession in Direct Selling, teaching marketing skills (notice I didn’t say prospecting though that has it’s importance) is so critical to being successful.  Learning how to “Fish” on Craigslist or anywhere online is pretty exciting when the phone rings (careful for spammers which we will discuss) and you make a new sale!  You will want to study the content carefully, and save this email for later viewing.  This is powerful information that will start working tomorrow if you can copy and paste.  I’m serious…this is good stuff! :)   Here’s what I do when placing ads or posting on Craigslist:

  • Start with The Right Category – Be careful with Jobs Offered, or Hyped-up Ads.  You don’t have a “job” necessarily and that’s the one area Craigslist doesn’t like.  BUT, Solavei (a technology company) for example would be excellent for College Students part-time, Teachers Part-time, Mom’s and of course professionals looking for more income.  As long as you market your opportunity with integrity, Craigslist won’t have a problem with it either.  Solavei is $49 to be a member, and it’s truly a great part-time profession.  I have no moral problem with Craigslist guidelines because we’re not talking about promoting a $1000 opportunity to “start a new career”.  In fact, with the start up being so low I could pay their membership fee for them if it was an issue.
  • Make a Great (Non-Hyped) Headline – Think about this…What kind of person would respond to a headline that says “What would you do with $1000s Daily???” “Make thousands a week part-time!!!”?  Would you? Sounds like a scam huh?  Bingo.  Try being very “calm” and unemotional in your writing.  Limited exclamations or trumped up claims.  Quite frankly, be as professional as you can be.  Try this instead…

Solid New Start-Up Company with Mass Appeal Product – No-Hype Program , Earn $100-250 Part-time weekly (Believable Headline)
Attn College Students & Mompreneurs – We Need Your Help w New Launch (Targeted Alt Headline)
College Students Needed to Market New Product in the US on/off Campus (Alt Headline)
New B2B Product that ALL Companies Use – Las Vegas Market Now Open (Focus on The Local Market Headline)

Use this body for your copy or change to your tastes.  Notice there is NO mention of the “Product”.  I mean no offense to anyone marketing skin care, weight loss or the like mind you.  This is simply my methodology for marketing a technology company to my advantage on Craigslist.  If you do market those products, use the same kind of no-hype, facts based approach when marketing your products. Keep it “dry” without all the emotion if possible.  It converts much better for an opportunity seeker that you will actually want.

Here is a sample of a good ad you can use:

You’ve probably heard that being part of a start up can be an advantage.  In fact, most of the money is made from people who start early enough in a company to reap the rewards for years to come.  Imagine becoming part of a company that many are calling the next “big thing” in the US.  Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg recently touted their social commerce business model as the new frontier in American Business.

I know, you’ve heard this before, and it all sounds too good to be true.  If you get involved with our company right now, you could quite possibly be making the kind of money that you’ve always dreamed of making, but for whatever reason that dream has always escaped you.  However, if you were to wait 3 or 4 weeks until you responded to this ad, it could literally cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars of residual income per month.  This is a legitimate product and company…no pills, lotions or potions.  In fact, everyone you know over the age of 18 uses this product.  You would be hard-pressed to find someone that doesn’t.

The market for this product is $166 Billion a year just in the US and the company plans to expand globally within the next 6-12 months.  You owe it to yourself to find out more information about this product that everyone ALREADY uses.  I want you to dream for just a moment and consider that we are talking about a product that everyone uses, very few companies can provide, but our company does.  It is a PERFECT sales/marketing opportunity where many people just like you will make $1000 a month part-time immediately, or much more with consistent effort.

Email us your name, email, and phone number, the best time to call and we will get back to you within 24 hours and send you the information on the company.  Someone will also contact you with more details, and schedule a phone interview and/or local meeting for coffee if possible.  Frankly our product and opportunity speaks for itself, and you WILL see it for what it is.  We know you don’t like hype, neither do we, and hyping the same old products with a different name can really get old fast.  Wouldn’t it be nice to get paid a decent income on marketing to customers, not chasing friends and family? This is fresh. This is new, and it’s never been done in the US before.  We look forward to speaking with you soon.

(No phone number, No Exclamation !!!! points, No Hype, No Fluff…Leave the PRODUCT (Service says technology and can pigeon hole you) a mystery.  No wireless, no Solavei, do NOT reveal what you’re offering.  Be different.  Be professional.  You will attract professionals using this method, not tire kickers and time wasters.  Do NOT post your phone number on Craigslist!  You will get called constantly by salespeople and scammers.  For local ads however you can use (21seven) five56-4four8five as an example

A Youtube Link to a Video with YOU in it if possible. This is a Solavei video.  Maybe make a personal video talking about your experience with Solavei.  Nothing fancy at all, just a quick infomercial about your “story” (I’m a teacher, pastor, 21 yr old Entrepreneur, athlete) and focus on legitimacy of working part-time for a few Hundred dollars a week, your local presence in the market, don’t state your full name, thank them for visiting your “Craigslist Ad” and requesting more information. End it with a call to action like… So please email me at with your name, phone number, and the best time to call and I will follow up to send you more information about our company.  If they made it to the end of your video they are interested, and adding a non-descript yet “Hello and Thank You” Video will improve conversions immensely.

Making videos seems weird for some people, or maybe intimidating, but it is so powerful when it comes to building your personal brand.  On craigslist, no one knows you, there are going to be a lot of people eventually marketing on there, so you need to stand out.  Videos and Good Headlines are the Best Way.  Use your own discretion if you’d like to include a picture on the ad as well, and for the video you can make it private if you’d like on Vimeo, Veoh, or a Dumby Youtube channel.

Ads for Products with a Category or in My Case Solavei on Cellular Service – This is Different from Marketing a Job Offer or Opportunity.  Advertise in For Sale, Cell Phones by Owner or Dealer or Your Product’s Category if It has One listed.

Headline Ideas – Isn’t it About Time Your Phone Company Paid YOU?  Mine does…
How much is Your Cellular Bill?  Mine is $49 For Unlimited w 4G Data…No Gotchas!
Paying too Much for Your Cellular Phone? I was 2…Now it pays me!
Wireless Bills Going Up? Mine is going, going, & now GONE! Ask me how…
Does Your Wireless Company Pay You to Be a Customer? Mine Does…

Imagine that Verizon, Sprint, AT&T or T-Mobile told you that they would pay you to be a customer by simply using their service and you would get a small part of everyone you know that uses their service too.  What if I told you that there is a New Company that will pay you to do just that using T-Mobile’s Nationwide 4G Network?  Sounds crazy I know but…

Solavei is a ground level company that is set to revolutionize the way business is done. We are partnered up with T-Mobile, one of the Top 4 service providers in the U.S. to bring people just like You Nationwide, Unlimited Talk, Text, and 4G Data for only $49/ month. No Gotchas, No Overage Charges, No Gimmicks.  Did I mention No Contract or Credit Checks? They are also paying us to share the opportunity with others…

The Big 4 I mentioned earlier spent $12.9 Billion on advertising last year.  Solavei spends their advertising money with their best asset, and best advertiser…Their customers!   How? By simply doing what people do naturally anyway.  Don’t you tell people about a good movie on Facebook? A great restaurant you know of?  A great vacation spot?

It’s really that simple.  No hype, no gimmicks or games.  Just a great price on a 4G Wireless Network that reaches 96% of the US Market.  Imagine the possibilities while saving hundreds of dollars a year on your phone bill.  We think that’s a better way to do business.  I hope you do too.

Watch our one minute commercial here:

You can actually meet me on my website here:

I look forward to helping YOU eliminate your phone bill too!
Feel free to call me at (two17) five5six-4four8five for more information.  Make it a great day!

Here is the Copy of My Ad I placed:

What is the next step for you to start placing ads on Craigslist?  Get an account immediately if you don’t have one would be my recommendation.  Place your ads accordingly and feel free to change up the words on the Cellular Phone ads, but trust my advice on the headlines and body on Job Offers.  Target a niche on those, and be vague, yet professional.  You want to “Fish” for the Studs, not the “Duds”.  This will help weed out the bad elements that can be found on Craigslist, and separate you from the pack as well.

You will also want to go back everyday if possible, and edit your ad.  Simply change the wording just a tad, and repost your ad.  What this does is have you climb back up to the newest ad placed in your category.  You can place both ads in your market, and even other markets if you change the wording around.  Millions of people go to Craigslist FIRST when they start shopping locally for everything.  Cell Phones are just one great category in bigger cities for finding used and/or new phones.  There are many more, so cast your “bait” and monitor your results. Change your headlines around to test the response, and the wording.  I think you’ll be pleased with the outcome.

Go out and make it happen and as always, feel free to call me with any questions.  I’d love to help you.  Have a super day!